The David Gallery, Atlanta, Gerogia, sells contemporary paintings by local and regional painters. Artists include David Nielsen, Dawne Raulet, Diane Kirkland, Janet Gannon, Joe Wolff, John Garrity, Sid Smith, Stuart Roper, and Suzy Scarborough. David Gallery specializes in contemporary paintings from the 21st Century. With a definite edge above traditional, David Gallery represents work that is colorful and somewhat abstract including landscapes, still lifes, and digital photographic paintings. He enjoys showcasing the work of artists that bend the rules.

The Painting Exchange, a re-sell gallery, sells 19th - 21st century paintings including the works of artists such as Dennis Campay, Jennifer Cawley, Todd Murphy, Steve Penley, Tony Hernandez, Charles Keiger, Isabella Melchior, Don Cooper, Claude Allard, Bo Bartlett, Picasso, Cornel Rubino, Howard Finster, Jake McCord, Alfano Dardari, Valerie Lennon, L. Manoureiez, C. Yardley, Miss E. G. Petit, Charles Goldie, Chevalier, Bella Cole, C.F. Butterick, D. East, and W.B. Shearer. The Painting Exchange is a venture of David Gallery that was designed for the purpose of creating an opportunity for clients to resell their art from well-known Atlanta, Georgia, National, and Internation artists. Through this exchange the Painting Exchange serves to perpetuate the sale of work by well-known Atlanta artists from early in their career and therefore increasing the work's value. In this way, Nielsen does his part to honor Georgia artists.

Owner David Nielsen holds a Masters of Fine Art Degree in Painting and Drawing from Florida State University and was a major art dealer on Bennett Street for sixteen years before opening David Gallery.

David Gallery is located at 365 Peachtree Hills Ave. #103 Atlanta, Gerogia. 30305. phone: 404-841-5500. Hours of operation are Tuesday through Saturday 10:30 - 5:00 and by appointment.